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Get the Free Anchor-Practice Mini Course!

Rewiring your brain toward the present moment takes two ingredients: Awareness and Practice.

In this free mini workshop, you'll get more intimate with the life of your brain, including your auto-pilot and stress brain (Awareness) and a recording of one of the most fundamental mindfulness practices that trains your focus to be in the here and now. (Practice).
In these relaxing 90-minute, FREE live sessions, you can learn all about mindfulness and how it works to recalibrate the body and mind away from reactivity and toward calm, discover the benefits and scientific research backing the practice, and experience a sampling of mindfulness practices first-hand!
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 6- Week Virtual Course introduces students to a Vedic-style meditation practice and the fundamentals of mindfulnesss
An 8-week + Half-Day Retreat Experiential Course in Discovering Inner Resources to Reduce Stress and Build Resiliency

The Space Between

A private membership site where you can find space inside the pause:


​Pockets of time to care for yourself, stabilize, and nourish;


Support in building and maintaining a personal meditation and mindfulness practice that blends seamlessly with your  individual schedule and energy;


An introvert-friendly community of fellow students and seekers;


New learnings and activities each month that bring focus, attention, and love to every area of your life.

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