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Exhausting the Known:

the part of the creative process where one must push past what has been seen, heard, thought, and felt on the subject and move into an unknown space where new possibilities can reveal themselves.

Complete Your Sacred Work With Us

We get it, making the work we WANT to be doing a priority can be tough. 

Which is why we designed this twice-monthly virtual, co-working session to dedicate time and focus to pushing our dreams forward.

Moving through the process...

Holding space for you to move through the Exhausting the Known stage of your process, so you can move on to the insights, the breakthroughs, and the truly original ideas.

The Agenda

 🧿 Every other Monday, we meet from 10am-2pm-ish pm, on Zoom. 

⛳️ We complete two Pomodoro focus sessions, 2 hours each, over the course of our time together. This includes a pinned Youtube video displaying a countdown clock and playing either focus music or binaural beats to really put us in the zone.


🕯 During each five-minute break we can: unmute ourselves to talk about our progress and work through any challenges we've run into, chit chat with our community, and set intentions for the next work block. Or we can  stretch and move our bodies and practice self-care with a bio break.

🛎 We take a 30-minute break between the two sessions, usually around noon.

 ⚔️ We end by recounting what we were able to move through during our time together and sign off until next time!

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